How to Play

Each ICC Official Fantasy Cricket series gives you the chance to show off your cricketing knowledge. In this fantastic new game, all you need to do is select a team of eleven international players involved in the ODI games featured below. Your chosen players will then score points depending on their performances in each ODI in the series.

The aim of the game is simple - score the highest number of points. The more points you score, the better your chances of defeating your colleagues and winning amazing prizes. This competition based on the 5 match ODI Series taking place in November between Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

As well as the overall competition, you can also challenge your friends, colleagues and family to join you in a Mini League. With pride at stake, the daily score updates will be sure to keep you all on your toes.

To play this game you must be over 18 years of age


11th Nov: 1st ODI

14th Nov: 2nd ODI

18th Nov: 3rd ODI

20th Nov: 4th ODI

23rd Nov: 5th ODI


Here's a quick team selection guide:

Step 1: Name your team

Get creative and choose a name for your team. Remember, keep it clean!

Step 2: Select players from the player list

You can opt to include either one or two all-rounders, choose your formation wisely, to give yourself the best chance of beating the competition. You will also be asked to select a batting and bowling captain who will have their scores doubled.

Each player has been valued by our team of experts, based on their likelihood to score points. The combined value of your players must not exceed 100.

Step 3: Create or join your own private Mini League

1) Click on 'My Mini Leagues' from the menu

2) Give your Mini League a name. If you wish the Mini League to be private you may also add a password. Otherwise, anyone will be able to join the League.

3) Use the 'Invite' facility to email invitations to your colleagues to join your League

If you wish to join an existing league, you'll just need the Mini League name and password (if it's a private league) from the Chairman that created the league. Simply go to the 'My Mini Leagues' section and enter the name into the search bar. Then click 'Join' next to the correct Mini League. If the League is a private one, you will then be prompted to enter the password.

Changing your Team

Throughout the series you can make up to 20 transfers as long as the overall value of your team stays at 100 or less. Transfers must be made before the scheduled start of the first game of the day, to come into effect that day. You can also change your two captains as often as you like too, so don't hesitate to ditch your under-performers for the newest superstars.

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